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Masterful, Memorable, & Magnetizing!”

Rhythm For Life founder Suzanne Caesar, MA, is a highly sought-after motivational speaker and meeting facilitator whose dance programs and workshops have been widely used to improve morale and productivity in the workplace. 

Whether you engage her for a keynote speech, a one-time workshop or a series of classes, Suzanne’s educational and interactive events are inspirational and creative -- designed to shake things up at your next meeting or corporate outing. 

Participants experience mind/body wellness techniques such as breath awareness, guided imagery, and dance movement to restore and reconnect with their individual inner and outer rhythms. Groups are empowered to bond through a shared experience, resulting in renewed energy, resolve and focus.

“As we focus inward, we begin to fully inhabit our bodies releasing stress and increasing mindfulness. We can turn to the workplace in a new state of balance and well-being as we recognize and respect the rhythms and cycles that guide us. ~Suzanne Caesar

 Topics Include:

  • Discover Your Rhythm At Any Age/Stage That is Authentically You
  • Learn the Ritual of Dance To Connect to Your Creativity and Sensuality For Empowerment, Transformation and Ultimate Healing
  • Move Your Body, Move Your Business - Get out of your head and into your body, expanding how to interact and create in the business world.

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