Belly Dance Baby Shower

BYOBB (Bring Your Own Baby Bump)
Say goodbye to the boring baby shower! Now you can create a memorable event and celebrate the special mom-to-be with belly dance and music. Suzanne puts a new twist on baby showers with a little hip-shaking fun. Before it was called Belly Dance it was called the "womb dance" – women danced with and around a pregnant woman to celebrate her pregnancy and new life. Want to make it a co-ed affair? Your husbands and partners will love it too!

Rates may vary, please inquire. 
Packages include:

  • The Prenatal Belly Dance Workout DVD
  • A Belly Dance coin belt for the guest of honor
  • Hip scarves, coin belts, music and expert instruction
  • Coin belts available for purchase

Call 917.907.2025 to book or
click here.

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