Modern Mom’s Rite of Passage

Nov 12, 2013

I have four sisters and four sisters-in-law. Between us we have a total of 30 children! Suffice it to say I have been to many, and admittedly, boring baby showers. You know what I'm talking about. We have all been there.

Where did this trend start anyway?

In ancient times it was customary for the Egyptians and the Greeks to celebrate with food and dance after a woman gave birth. While the baby was introduced to the community, it was the new mom that they honored because going through pregnancy, labor and delivery was considered a rite of passage for the woman in her new role as mother.

By the Victorian Era a tea party was in order for the new mom. Female friends and family would have a tea in honor of the woman. This was the time to meet the newborn, but mom was still the focus of the party.

It wasn’t until the time of WWII that we noticed the focus of the celebration go from mom to baby. Now guests gifted mom with presents such as clothes for the baby to help the family out during the economically challenged time of war.

The attention shifted from mom to baby, downplaying mom's rite of passage for infantile games wrapped up in one big bow hat on top of mom's head.
Bow hat and baby clothes are cute, but let’s not forget to celebrate the new and expectant mom! Gift her with goodies for the baby, AND honor the woman in her new mom role.
Let’s take a cue from the ancient Egyptians and celebrate the modern mom. The rite of passage in her new role as mother is her birthright as a woman, and one to celebrate.
Gather with family and friends for a truly memorable affair and dance like an Egyptian - before, during or after pregnancy, your new and expectant mom will feel like the Queen she is!
What moves you?


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