Maternal Dance

Is a unique prenatal dance program to enjoy free-flowing exercise and creative movement to celebrate your pregnancy and safely prepare, mentally and physically, for labor and delivery in a supportive setting.
You will experience organic and natural flowing movement that prepares your body for labor, learning flexibility and core-strengthening exercises appropriate for pregnancy, while literally moving pregnancy discomforts to ease back pain, leg cramps and sciatica. In addition, stress levels decrease and you will feel more comfortable and confident in your changing body to enjoy your pregnancy.
Maternal Dance is not only a fun way to prepare for labor as you increase body-awareness, maintain flexibility and build strength and endurance for delivery, your experience in class will leave you feeling invigorated and empowered to go through labor with a veteran teacher who is thorough and intuitive.
Any form of prenatal exercise should not be about getting in shape. The aim is to get in shape for labor. There are modifications for each trimester and class size is limited to get personalized attention. As long as you feel good and have doctor/midwife approval, you can start at any stage of pregnancy.
Maternal Dancers often come back to after birth to share how attending class helped them have “the birth of their dreams,” and that Maternal Dance prepared them to enjoy their babies in the early “daze” of motherhood. Witnessing the mamas faces and energy levels as they leave class is probably the most confirming and joyful to witness.
No dance experience is necessary, and what’s old is new again. Just as we have rediscovered the importance of the role of a doula, prenatal dance was the original form of exercise to help a woman birth her baby and celebrate the life growing inside of her. Non-dancers will learn the natural movements that benefit the rhythm of the birthing process, and just like any dance technique, dancers discover a dance form that is designed specifically for their pregnant body to prepare for labor and delivery – everyone benefits!
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